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Endless entertainment
comes at a price

Our attention span is shorter, and there’s not as much need for other activities or sources of entertainment.

Make goals.
Discover goals.
Dominate your day.

Three Ways to Create a Goal

Make your own

Base a goal off a photo or video you take, paste a website link, or simply write it up.

Share button

Anywhere on the web you see a share arrow can easily become a goal. This could be a YouTube tutorial, item for sale, map location or webpage.

Discover goals

Choose from 15 categories of unique, curated, age appropriate goals. New goals are added regularly.

Three Sources of Motivation

Parents, Teachers or Mentors

Connect with young adults and easily create goals, add rewards, and be a positive influence.


Cash rewards can easily be transferred with Apple Cash to their favorite online account through a debit card. Write-in offline rewards are also an option.

Drive to Discover

Discover goals are curated to appeal to a wide variety of people of different ages. Hopefully you will find many of them to be interesting new experiences.

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